Categories & Annual Fees

Membership Categories & Fees

1.1 Any corporation, or any consultancy trading as a corporation (either Pty or Plc, Joint Industry Committee or whatever else is applicable).


Membership fee per country for any number of countries: US$250/ZAR 3 750 (a company with offices in more than one African Country will have to subscribe separately for each country at the above rate). The membership fee’s are exclusive of bank charges.

Personal Membership is for members such as consultants


US$ 110/ZAR 1 650

Proof of registration as a student must be provided


US$ 30/ZAR 450

Conference benefits to members of all the above categories

Corporate members would be entitled to send four delegates at the discounted rate; however, there will be no limit on the total number of conference delegates, but further delegates than four would be at full conference rates.

For individual and student members, only the registered member will qualify for the discounted conference rate.

Only members who have paid their annual membership fees will qualify for the discounted conference rate.

Fee collection options:

  1. Preferably, it must can be paid directly into the PAMRO bank account
  2. It can also be transferred to the PAMRO Secretariat by means of a bank draft
  3. Members who prefer another arrangement can liase with the PAMRO Secretariat.