Grow marketshare by differentiating your brand through word and deed

shutterstock_100506712 Joe Otin

Brands in Kenya today are engaged less in competition and more in copyitis, pronounced copy-it-is, meaning that they copy each other and don’t attempt to differentiate themselves among their target audiences. The opinion of South African investors I know is that this is a market where a new product is launched today and replica products are introduced tomorrow, as is the case in the sports betting arena currently. In a situation where you are faced with prevalent copyitis, there is a great opportunity to differentiate your brand to gain marketshare and build customer loyalty.

Brand differentiation can be defined as those unique qualities offered by a brand that sets it apart from the competition in the customers view. It goes beyond the logo design, brand image, packaging and advertising, and into the customer experience and the brand performance. 50 years ago brand differentiation revolved around product development and continuous product improvement to ensure that its performance against competitors was unmatched. As competing products became more alike, the emphasis shifted to marketing communications, packaging and customer experience.

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