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Speaker Applications

We’re always on the hunt for new speakers and are opening up applications for our 2020 Pamro Conference. To apply, simply fill out your details and upload an example of your presentation for consideration. Successful applicants will be contacted directly.

Below is the judging criteria for the Pamro Best Paper Award. Please, be cognisant of the criteria and their relevant weighting when creating your presentation.

CriteriaRequirementPerson PresentingWeight
Paper Presented
TopicRelevance of topica) Does the topic evoke thought
b) Does the topic look show topic trends
Supporting evidence / detailsClear approach and supporting evidencea) Supporting evidence on the topic
b) Robust data and not just point of view
AuthenticityPresent data and not just though piecesa) Authenticity of the data given
b) Accuracy of the data given
c) Were actual results shown
PresentationGive a memorable presentationa) Was the presentation enlightening and showing a 'new' point of view
b) Were the audience attentive

To apply, please complete the application form below. It will be automatically submitted.

Speaker Application